Cheating ( Meant to be a spoken word)

When I say I love you.

My words are not empty.

Although that night they may have felt like it.

When you searched that history,saw every picture, those words were a dagger to your heart.

My mouth a loaded gun firing every mistake that has happened, that night my words were like oil to fire they were as explosive as ever.

When I said I love you that was the last thing you wanted to hear it was too far from the truth in your eyes.

When I said I love you you thought how is that possible , how is it that you love me so much yet you hurt me in the cruelest way.

Love isn’t a hide and seek game, love is an open book allowing even the roughest pages to be showing. I didn’t do that I made it seem like my words were like honey dripping off of my lips rather that vinegar spewing out.

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