Love Undefined ( this piece is meant to be a spoken word)

when you think of love.

what is your first thought?

i bet you its something superficial,

like maybe if i push up my breast then he will notice me.

i bet you its not something positive.

something your willing to share with anyone else.

when you pass me in the hallway,

what do you say? do you comment on my hair or my well planned outfit?


you screamed down the hallway loud enough for everyone to hear DIKE!

but what you don’t know is the reason my outfit is so perfect and my hair is in such a particular way is because i am trying to impress a crush too.

the only difference is mine is a girl

but why should it matter to you

don’t you have the same feelings about him that i have for her?

so why am i so different than you just because i feel love for a girl rather than a boy?

here’s the thing if you look up love in the dictionary it doesn’t say a intense feeling or deep affection for the opposite sex it simply says a intense feeling or deep affection.

i am sorry i don’t fit in your box that i don’t fulfill your fucked up expectations.

but she looks at me the same way he looks at you

i get the same nervous feeling around her that you do him

because i bet you that at night we have the same fucked up dirty dreams and that we touch ourselves the same way at night at the thought of them

so what does it matter whether my crush has a vagina and yours a penis

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