Smile ( meant to be a spoken word)





They tell you as they take the picture.

But why you ask to yourself.

Why put that mask on.

Because that’s all it is.

See when a person smiles.

You expect it to be genuine.

But what if we are all playing a game?

the game of pretend.

Smiling to hide the hate and sorrow in our lives?

Because that’s all smiling is.


Smiling is the drug of choice for many.

The one thing that covers the true pain in us.

Smile they say.

As if its an easy task.

All it takes is a little effort on your part.

To stop the feeling of dying inside.

So go ahead take another hit of that oh so sweet drug that Makes you slip into this false front that suddenly everything is going to be ok.

Stop smiling and they know that you are fading.

Fading into nothingness.

You think maybe if i smile everyday.

I can make myself believe that this whole thing is ok.

Do it for your girlfriend who sees you everyday.

Do it for your family to finally prove them wrong.

Do it for your job your students are watching you.



You scream to yourself.

Because maybe if i stop.

I can see the world for what it really is.

Instead of the delusion i view.

So should we smile more ?

or fix the problems that make us use it to get away ?

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